Rowhead Farm

The Hands on Farm Experience

Mark your calendars! Rowhead Farm welcomes you from April 2024

Mini Experience

Discover the charm of Rowhead Farm as you explore and meet our endearing animal residents on this delightful visit.

Farm Experience

Immerse yourself in a memorable hands-on adventure as you pet, feed, and bond with our affectionate farm animals.

Alpaca Walking

Stroll through the farm with our lovable alpacas by your side, creating a heartwarming connection.

“I never imagined I could fall in love with a place so quickly, but Rowhead Farm exceeded all of my expectations! The hands-on experiences with their charming and affectionate animals were truly unforgettable. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and welcoming, making us feel like a part of their extended farm family. The Alpaca Walking Experience was the highlight of our visit, and I can’t wait to bring my friends and family back for more delightful adventures. Thank you, Rowhead Farm, for the memories we’ll treasure forever!”
Emily S., Farm Visitor

About us

Welcome to Rowhead Farm, a delightful haven nestled in the countryside and lovingly run by Caroline and Alec. Here, you’ll find a charming array of friendly animals, including alpacas, goats, sheep, lambs, guinea pigs, Shetland ponies, Dutch rabbits and rheas, all eagerly waiting to share a unique hands-on experience with you.

An Unforgettable Family Day Out

Don’t miss out on the magic of Rowhead Farm! Book your unforgettable animal adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime.